WSA Portugal

Jury national contest

Roberto Carneiro

President of the National Jury – WSA Portugal

Sandra Fazenda de Almeida

Executive Director – APDC

“It is a great privilege, as Executive Director of APDC, to be able to coordinate the process of choosing the projects that represent Portugal in this world competition. The fact that I was invited to belong to the Board of Directors of WSA and participate in the online International Jury, allow me to recognize the added value of this award, joining start-ups, social entrepreneurs, mentors, jurors, speakers, experts, government leaders, academia and civil society. The World Summit Awards offer a platform for those, who think beyond the box. It is a unique awards system, selecting and promoting local digital innovation, that are examples of how ICTs can impact society in a positive way.”

Ana Casaca

Global Head of Innovation – Galp

Ana Gonçalves Pereira

Head of Alliances & Partnerships – Capgemini Engineering

“WSA is the most global-world-class stage for digital innovation with impact improving society, it is a global network of social entrepreneurs, mentors, jurors, international speakers, government leaders, academia, start-ups and corporates! So, if you have a digital solution to solve a problem with positive social impact, you need to be a part of WSA. As a juror since 2014, I have seen many Portuguese projects in the shortlist, as winners in the several categories and as Global Champions. The visibility you get for your project and the awareness of what is happening around the world is amazing. Send us you application and join us at the 2022 WSA edition!”

Carla Espinhal

Head of Alliances & Partnerships – Capgemini Engineering

“The WSA awards and special and full of meaning as they promote digital creativity and excellence with the purpose of developing a better world environment for citizens and communities. Create better living conditions for our planet is a challenge we all should be part of. As a member of this jury I look forward to see a great use of technology contributing to create better living conditions, thanking already in advance all the participants for the work they are going to present in these awards!”

Filipa Pontes

Head of Vodafone Power Lab – Vodafone Power Lab

“World Summit Awards, besides being a great contest, which promotes the recognition of the best innovative and digital solutions, aims for a bigger purpose! These awards allow us to look to the innovation ecosystem and understand which amazing projects can promote sustainable development, and it is a great honor to be part of this initiative.”

Francisco España

GM Startups South Europe – Microsoft

Francisco Maria Balsemão

Administrador Executivo – Impresa, SGPS, SA

“The WSA Awards are an excellent international showcase for innovative companies.”

Gil Azevedo

Executive Director – Startup Lisboa

Inês Jardim Sequeira

Founder and Director of Casa do Impacto – Santa Casa da Misericórdia de LisboaSanta

João Pedro Galveias

Diretor de Serviços Digitais – RTP

“The World Summit Awards (WSA) is the event that empowers everyone, no matter where they came from, and gives voice to all ideas. It is very inspiring to see projects from more than 180 countries with different backgrounds and foundations competing in the same ground and exchanging knowledge. This initiative is not just about a competition for a prize is fundamentally about joining the world through technology. Being a part of this movement is also belonging to the biggest innovation network in the world.”

Luís Rodrigues

Director – Startup Braga

“It is a renewed privilege to be part of this initiative among the jury of the national contest.

World Summit Awards are not only about digital innovation. They are about the social impact of your solution and the way it is designed to improve our society. 

Its alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the visibility that WSA can provide to your product turns this contest a truly impactful initiative that you should not miss.”

Nelson Lopes

Diretor Técnico – ASSOFT

“Firstly, it’s imperative to express how gratifying it is to belong to the WSA – World Summit Awards judging panel in the Portuguese selection of this contest. The WSA this year enters a new level, catapulting itself to another dimension, the digital challenges this year have been giants. This year we observed the use of digital media in a maximum exponent, for many it is in them that they find comfort and it is in it that we are slowly reinventing ways to overcome the challenges that are imposed on us. So, in 2020 this contest becomes a fundamental piece, capitalizing and sharing the innovative and creative Portuguese strength in executing digital solutions.“

Pedro Carvalho

Head of Innovation Ecosystem Management – ALTICE Labs

“WSA is not about connecting computers, connecting things and adding more technologic innovation without human meaning… It’s about digital innovation with a real and sustainable impact on society and individuals! If your idea fits this vision, you should definitely apply.”

Pedro Ribeiro Santos

Partner – Armilar Venture Partners

“If you’re going to pitch, pitch with the best!
The WSA will give you a broad stage and a wide audience to showcase what you’re building.”

Ricardo Tomé

Diretor-Coordenador – Media Capital Digital

“This is a unique initiative that, among many virtues, has the power to amplify the talent and projects selected in it to the world. In addition to the recognition of society, it opens doors to the rapid acceleration and expansion of projects that pass through here. From Portugal to the world.”

Silvia Garcia

Executive Board Member – ANI

Sofia Couto e Rocha

Chief Transformation Officer & Head Virtual Patient – Lusíadas Saúde

“What if you could change the World? What if you could build a new future? Change is in the hands of every person that finds a problem and a matching solution. WSA is an amazing stage for that! Lets impact the society in a way the generations to come live better, healthier and happier.”

Sofia Marta

Country Manager Portugal – Google Cloud

“It always seems impossible until its done”

Sofia Mota

Presidente – AMA

Tomás Pessoa e Costa

Founder & CEO – Dioscope