Be it an app to help the blind using smartphones, or a website reanimating history- the World Summit Awards offer a platform for those, who think beyond the box.
Please check here some of the past winners in the national contest held in Portugal:

Government & Citizen Engagement – Portugal Participatory Budget 

Participatory Budget is the first participatory budget in the world made at a national level. It has a format of a portal, where the citizens may propose or vote (also by SMS freely) news ideas for public investments, worth up a 5 million euros of the state budget. The Portal was designed as an interactive application, to promote public participation and make the people closer to politics and decisions.

Learning & Education – Body Interact

Body Interact is a medical simulation software, developed by the startup Take the Wind, it is used to train medical students and doctors, to improve medical practice in the area of multiple sclerosis. It is a platform like a flight simulator, allowing the users to create scenarios based on real problems, through real interaction with virtual patients. This online simulator allows dynamic interactions and provides pressure situations to students and doctors in training for decision making, allowing to reduce costs and avoid the risk of fatal medical errors. It uses 3D equipment, combining clinical simulation with decision-making training with a game design.

Environment & Green Energy – Smartfarmer 

Smartfarmer is a digital platform, developed in collaboration with Oikos – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, aims to contribute to rural development and local economic growth. Accessible through computers, tablets, or smartphones, boost agri-food circuits and proximity markets. It assumes great importance for agriculture, economy and rural society, allowing direct contact between producer and consumer, stimulating greater interaction between rural and urban communities, favoring a greater connection between populations and their origins and performing functions that benefit producers, consumers, environment and local economy.

Culture & Tourism – City Check 

City Checks is a location-based application, in a game format, which allows families to have access to educational and contextual games while they are traveling. They will have the opportunity to play games related to places of interest they are visiting, this allows to motivate the children interest in family trips, enhancing learning and fun.

Smart Settlements & Urbanization – Via Verde Mobility Digital Ecosystem

Via Verde Mobility Digital Ecosystem consists of a set of digital tools that allow Via Verde customers to have easy access to an increasing number of mobility services. From the traditional windshield device cars, initially designed to pay tolls on the highway, this digital ecosystem allows access to several total digital mobility services, available for smartphones. For example Via Verde Estacionar, a street parking solution; Via Verde Transportes, where customers can use the service to find the best available price for their route and profile; Drive Now powered by Via Verde, a carpooling service; Minha Via Verde, a self-service solution; or Viagens & Vantagens, a loyalty customer program.

Business & Commerce – MB Way 

MB Way is a digital wallet, that can be used through a smartphone. It was created by SIBS to be easy, convenient, and simple to use, allowing users to have access to their bank cards on their phones. This is a natural evolution from ATM’s Services to digital mobile, in an interbank solution that allows users to make transfers, online and in the app, to generate proxy cards (ATM NET), NFC and QRCode. Each transaction is authorized by fingerprint / face ID (for compatible devices) or PIN. It also allows making immediate money transfers in real-time, a similar process as sending a text message.

Inclusion & Empowerment – dados.gov 

The huge amount of data used by the government and public entities has not been exploited until now, despite having great potential to be a powerful tool of open government and a way to include citizen participation. This data is now available, gradually, through a portal that takes over as an open data platform in Portuguese, promoting transparency, responsibility, and economic growth. It is in line with international best practices and incorporates innovative solutions in terms of user experience, content, structure, data integration, and publication.

Health & Well-Being – Patient Innovation 

Patient Innovation is an open and free platform designed to facilitate the sharing of innovations developed by patients to help deal with their health status. Products, services, and applications are analyzed by a medical team, before being published and displayed on the platform. More than 1,500 solutions have already been submitted, with more than 850 innovations available to a community of 60,000 users in 5 continents. It has around 500 thousand-page views.