Be it an app to help the blind using smartphones, or a website reanimating history- the World Summit Awards offer a platform for those, who think beyond the box.
Please check here some of the past winners in the national contest held in Portugal:

Government & Citizen Engagement – City Points Cascais

The City Points Cascais is a reward program developed by the Cascais City Council, that encourages good citizenship practices. The app allows the earn of points and with them get products and services. As the user performs pre-defined activities in the areas of environment, citizenship, social responsibility, and mobility, among others, obtains points that, accumulated, entitle to different vouchers, which can be redeemed for prizes offered by a network of local partners. Based on gamification and acknowledgement of citizens, the app induces participants to take an active role in transforming the community into a better place to live.

Learning & Education – Biti 

Biti is a smart and safe platform, accessible through devices, where young children can play and learn. With their first digital steps in the digital world, children can be autonomous, and the parents specify the autonomy limits, allowing parents to follow theirs children’s level of development.

Environment & Green Energy – Planetiers 

Planetiers is a sustainable market, developed by the company with the same name, where sustainable suppliers and consumers meet their self’s. The platform aggregates, promote and sell sustainable products and other solutions for everyday life. Promotes also, all types of categories, as consumables, efficient homes, technology, clothing sustainable services, guiding the user through intuitive keywords, and making their decisions easier.

Culture & Tourism – SnapCity 

SnapCity connects visitors and locals through an online chat. After the communication, the visitors are invited to tip the local, according to their level of satisfaction. This app allows visitors to save time and significantly improve their traveling experiences, the locals can make some extra income, while sharing their knowledge and passion for the city they live in, on a win-win situation.

Smart Settlements & Urbanization – EzyCities 

The EzyCities is a platform for events organized by non-professional persons, in their houses, gardens or public places. The idea is to allow, everyone to transform their skills and hobbies in events and selling them by the app. For exemple, if someone is a good cooker, he may create his own picnic project, set a price and accomplish it at the place wanted.

Business & Commerce – yubuy 

The yubuy is a cloud platform which aims to monitor one of the largest shopping windows through a t-commerce solution. Developed by an enterprise with the same name, the yubuy allows the tv audience public, buy directly from their house. This is one convenient way to buy remotely, through a simple, safe and contextualized solution, which runs on Samsung TV set-top boxes or smart TVs.

Inclusion & Empowerment – Banco Alimentar 

The Banco Alimentar web solution results from technology based on the cloud, to respond to the basic need to feed those who cannot buy the food and need to live with dignity. It is an online portal for donations, which aims to provide additional support to the traditional channels of food banks.

Health & Well-Being – MyXimi 

Fighting loneliness through gamification is the goal of the Patient Innovation app, which connects the elderly, family, friends, health professionals, medical equipment and sensors. Developed by an enterprise with the same name, myXimi is an easy application, perfectly adapted, and capable of fighting loneliness, promoting healthy lifestyles through interaction, gamification, augmented reality, and cognitive computing.

European Young Innovators – MUB Cargo

MUB cargo is an innovative online platform connecting people who need to transport cargo in a fast and uncomplicated way with transporters that are willing to ship it, reducing unnecessary traffic due to deadhead trips. The platform provides an easy-to-use interface where clients provide information about the item to be transported, which is then listed in an auction for bids by all registered transporters. Each transporter is rated to ensure the quality of the process. Once the bids are in, the client chooses the best option considering both price and the transporter’s rating. During delivery, the client tracks the product in real time and rates the transporter at the end of the process, ensuring quality and accountability.