Be it an app to help the blind using smartphones, or a website reanimating history- the World Summit Awards offer a platform for those, who think beyond the box.
Please check here some of the past winners in the national contest held in Portugal:

Government & Citizen Engagement – ID.GOV.PT

A mobile application that allows the citizens to store and consult, at any time, the identification documents.

Learning & Education – Perguntas da Especialidade

A digital medical education platform, specialized in the preparation for National Test to Access to the Specialized Formation.

Environment & Green Energy – EDP EV.X

An application for analszing trips taken in a combustion car that, simulating the use of an electric car, presents users with the possible financial savings and carbon reductions they could make if they were driving an electric vehicle

Culture & Tourism – LUGGit

A technological platform that, through a mobile application, allows travellers to request in real time, a person to collect their luggage, store it and deliver it at the place and time defined by you.

Smart Settlements & Urbanization – Condominium Solution – EV.Charge EDP

Do you have an electric vehicle and need recharging? This application identifies the power points, reserves one for you and allows you to pay for the service without leaving the application. EParkio offers another service: If you have a fleet of electric vehicles you can use this application to add them all, to check their level of supply, costs and payments. Besides the individual or business user, the real winner is the city, as this application reduces the number of vehicles looking for free filling stations.

Business & Commerce – Modatta

A social data marketplace that makes users pay for making their data available to companies, in a way of working that is fully in line with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Inclusion & Empowerment – Wearable Braille SOS

A device that helps people, especially the blind and disable people, to ask for help, wherever they are.

Health & Well-Being – iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber

A virtual database that provides biomarkers of various diseases.