WSA Portugal

2019 Winners

Be it an app to help the blind using smartphones, or a website reanimating history- the World Summit Awards offer a platform for those, who think beyond the box. Please check here some of the past winners in the national contest held in Portugal:



Remember what was the last decision taken by the Assembly of the Republic? What was the decisions taken yesterday or a week ago? Now imagine that Parliament can talk to you directly whenever you vote on a law. This is the purpose of a digital application that allows you to become a member of Parliament whenever you want. You will be invited to vote on a set of ten proposals already debated, and will later find out which party has voted simlar to your own. All of this, of course, while receiving all the information and context about the legislation in question.


With multilingual content and interactive videos, T21 Web Tv COMmunity is a free platform that promotes online learning, promoting and contributing to the improvement of social inclusion and employment of young Europeans with  Down Syndrome in the areas of tourism and e-skills. This project developed by the School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém with several partners received the support of ERASMUS +.


It is the first Portuguese investment platform that connects citizens who want to invest their savings in projects that seek sustainability and are looking for funding (crowdlending). The projects are comprehensive, ranging from ideas aimed at energy projects, to eco-tourism, to sustainable fashion projects. The platform already has more than 1.2 million euros of investment raised with more than 2,500 investors. Just 20 euros to go to the game, with a return of up to 6% per year. The platform wants to become a kind of green bench.


Do you want to follow what is happening in thousands of archaeological sites around the world to identify the risks to which they are subjected such as excavation, theft, intensive farming, illegal construction or damage caused for natural events? This is what this digital platform does, using information collected via satellite for this purpose. In addition to the state of play on these archaeological zones, SENSOS also allows measuring the integrity of infrastructures and even measuring the soundness of the terrain even under the most adverse weather conditions.


Do you have an electric vehicle and need recharging? This application identifies the power points, reserves one for you and allows you to pay for the service without leaving the application. EParkio offers another service: If you have a fleet of electric vehicles you can use this application to add them all, to check their level of supply, costs and payments. Besides the individual or business user, the real winner is the city, as this application reduces the number of vehicles looking for free filling stations.


This platform allows the supply chain assets to organize themselves to optimize production conditions and avoid waste and waste.


The access of medication to the Portuguese population is no longer just a health issue, it is a social issue that needs to be resolved. The Dignitude Association is a response to the problem through the involvement of the health, social, business and civil society sectors. 9,641 people have already benefited from this project giving them access to medicines they would otherwise not be able to access.


National Innovation Agency, the BfK Awards distinction will also be awarded to one of the Portuguese candidates, to award the best scientific and technological based project. The BfK Awards is one of the initiatives from Born from Knowledge (BfK), a program promoted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education through ANI. The BfK Awards winner will receive the “Tree of Knowledge” trophy, will have the opportunity to benefit from a follow-up process of their project and will be able to participate in the WSA Global Congress 2020, in participant mode, with travel and accomodation supported by ANI.