Born from Knowledge

Born from Knowledge (BfK) is a program promoted by Agência Nacional de Inovação (ANI), which has the mission to enhance scientific and technological knowledge.

The ultimate objective of this program is to promote, disseminate and reward the production of knowledge and innovation in Portugal, giving emphasis to the investment in Science and its correspondent economic and social impact.  

The BfK Awards initiative aims, through the association with Prizes and Contests like World Summit Awards, to distinguish projects that “are born from knowledge”, as well as the companies that excel in activities of R&D.

Being awarded with the sculpture “Árvore do Conhecimento”, by the artist Leonel Moura, is synonymous of scientific excellence and social and economic relevance. Since 2017 we’ve delivered 38 trophies. The next one can be yours!

Find out how you can be one of the winners of the BfK Awards!

  • Scientific and/or Technological Foundation of the knowledge and/or R&D activities (if possible evaluated by the number of PhDs involved in the development of the project or working in the company) – eligibility criteria;
  • Degree of Innovation of the company’s project or product/process/service;
  • Degree of Collaboration with other entities for the development of the project, product, process or service, with the aim to enrich the company’s R&D activities (ex: entities with Scientific and Technological bases);
  • Intellectual Property strategy relevance, in order to protect knowledge on which the development and commercialization of the company’s idea/project or product/service are centered;
  • Impact on Society namely in economic, social, environmental or cultural terms.
  1. The jury responsible for evaluating the contestants nominated to win the BfK Award is sole and exclusive concern of ANI;
  2. The jury of the BfK Awards distinction is autonomous and independent from the World Summit Awards’s Jury with which ANI is associated.

The presentation of the BfK Awards will be carried out by a representative of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education of the Portuguese Government or, in their absence, ANI may nominate an ANI’s Board Member.

  • “Tree of Knowledge” trophy: this exclusive piece of art, by Leonel Moura;
  • BfK Awards certificate: signed by the Agência Nacional de Inovação;
  • Special Prize – other specific prizes may be awarded, by agreement between ANI and the organizer of each competition/award/prize.