How To Apply

How to apply

WSA is a nomination based awarding system.

  • To apply, you need to complete your application, with detailed information on your product, in the WSA Portugal online contest platform;
  • Please find here some guidelines on how you should provide this information in order to make the application easier to evaluate and process and hence promote your project the best;
  • This manual will give you a complete guide on how to submit your application for WSA 2023;
  • Then, if selected, you will be nominated by the WSA National Expert Panel as best national Digital Application in one of the 8 categories;
  • Each country can only nominate one project/solution per category;
  • Nominations to the international WSA are possible only through the National Expert’ selection.

Through this high-level selection system, please be aware that every country has their own deadlines for the call. The generally communicated WSA deadline is the timeframe of the global call and communicates the last possible date of a nomination by the national expert panel.